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at the yogi living ashraM

Yogi Living Ashram

invite love into your life

Yogi living Ashram is a place for laughter and the company of good friends as much as an ashram for creating balance in heart, mind and body.

We believe in science and humanity. 
Personal growth does not need a guru or a master. Change begins inside of us and expands out into the wider world like ripples on a lake.

our mission

Our mission is to bring more hugs, laughter and creativity into everyday life.

At yogi Living Ashram we teach how to live in deep connection your heart energy. This will allow you to connect more deeply with other people and find the source of love within yourself.

We guide our yogis through transition from fear and attachment into heart-centered living, presence and authentic engagement with the world.

The approach used at Yogi Living Ashram supports optimal brain function and harmony within the nervous system and organs. As a result, our students gain more capacity to handle stress and a deeper, richer experience of life. We also see noticeably increased expression of love and compassion.

Winnie Winnetu Signature

Winnie Winnetu is a certified teacher of Hatha, Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy and has been teaching yoga teacher training courses since 2015.

Ways to be


Yoga Duo Pier | Tantric Heart Yoga


Yoga to control energy and connect to the world with an open heart.


Be a certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga or Yoga Therapy.

Yoga For Perfect Health | Yogi Living Ashram


Rediscover what it means to be relaxed, balanced and full of energy.

Teaching Yoga On The Beach | Yogi Living Ashram


Personal coaching for executives and yoga classes for everyday living.

Tantra Heart Yoga Goa

yoga in the land of dreams

November 2023

Talpona Beach, South Goa

tantra heart yoga

10 day retreat

Tantra Heart Yoga Lovers | Yogi Living Ashram Goa Retreat

A retreat unlike anything you have experienced

The Tantra Heart Yoga Goa Retreat is a retreat that opens the door to heart centered relationships, deep intimacy and fearless living.

Create lasting deep inner transformation, connect deeply with yourself using teachings from Classical Tantra only available on this retreat.

transform your life with

Heart centered yoga

a new way of being

Inner Peace

Quite your mind and find inner peace by learning how to easily relax and release stress. As a result you will achieve a general feeling of lightness, calm and balance in your body. 


Heart centered yoga reconnects you with yourself and others in a deeper and loving way. The beauty of Swedish country side provides a restful scenery where your inner center can find peace. 


Open your door to your heart and experience love energy flowing through your body. This will allow you to step into a beautiful journey of freely giving and receiving love. life.

What our yogis say

experiences at yogi living ashram

Without love, the acquisition of knowledge only increases conflict and leads to self-destruction.

The wisdom of masters

ancient teachings meet modern science

Following a yogic lifestyle means taking control of your life force or vital energy. The ancient Indian gurus call it prana, the Tibetan lamas call it lung, and the Chinese masters refer to it as chi.

This life-force energy makes everything you do possible. It moves the body, activates the organs, and powers your thoughts.

Clearing your energetic pathways can be a miraculous experience in your everyday life. Peace, tranquility, vitality, inner beauty and bliss are the result of a healthy flow of life energy. This creates a sense of joy and the ability to easily give and receive love.

It is very important to be guided by an experienced yoga teacher. In this way, your kundalini awakening process will be fully supported, more stable and deeply grounded.

Unblocking energetic pathways and activating kundalini creates the flow state and is achieved through three approaches:

1. Yoga therapy retreats to detoxify the body and release old accumulated stress. Allowing the life force to flow freely in the body leads to optimal health and a stress-free life.

2. Kundalini yoga retreats are designed to further activate your life energy, especially in the chakras. Kundalini activation is the key step towards inner peace, authentic self-love and the development of higher states of consciousness.

3. Tantra heart yoga retreats involve expanding your sense of self beyond the body. This is a process that begins with your love connection to yourself and your close relations and expands out into the world.

Yogi Living Blog

a deeper dive

The Yogi Living Blog dives deeper into yoga science, practice and philosophy. This is where to find answers to some of your deepest questions about yoga as well as the benefits a particular practice can bring to you.


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