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Yoga Collective

We teach yoga from the heart, and to awaken the heart center. We believe in the unifying power of love. Our practices are based on Classical Tantra Yoga and our collective aims to bring the authentic teachings to light and the power they have to heal and create happiness.

Anahata Chakra | Yogi Living Ashram


yoga from the heart

Imagine a world where life is not a competition.
Where we meet each other from the heart,
Supporting each other every step of the way.
Meeting with love, laughter, and affection.
Each day begins with a hug.

Who We Are

yogi living collective

We seek a different path. The path of living life in higher consciousness and love. We follow in the tantric wisdom that everything is part of the whole and love as a unifying force.

We are energy and our energies flow together. There is no separation between us and the world we see. There is no separation between you and me.

In our world we do not lack the knowledge of how to build a better, fairer more loving world. We have amazing technologies and incredible power. Our problem as a species stems from a fundamental lack of love, for ourselves and for others. 

Our practices are based on Classical Tantra Yoga and our collective aims to bring the authentic teachings to light and the power they have to heal and  create happiness.

Winnie Winnetu Beach Meditation | Yogi Living

Dr. Winnie Bothe

founder and yoga coach

My teaching is based on awakening the heart center and grounded on the principle of integrating mind and body. I believe love has the power to heal and transform lives.

Amit Kumar Singh | Yoga Master | Yoga From The Heart

Amit Kumar Singh

yoga master

Certified Yoga Master, Yoga Therapist and Naturopath with extensive international experience as a yoga instructor. He is a member of Yoga Alliance International.


yoga teacher

To me yoga and tantra are about living life to the fullest, enjoying every moment in the present and always acting from the heart.

Vryara | Yoga Teacher | Yoga From The Heart

Paul Lloyd

content creator

Experienced within the corporate, non-profit and volunteer sectors. A long-term yoga practitioner and believer in the power of people to bring about change.

Paul Lloyd | Content Creator | Yoga From The Heart

The Swedish Ashram

yoga from the heart

Yogi Living Ashram is an oasis of calm in the southernmost part of Sweden near the Baltic Sea and the perfect place for teaching yoga from the heart. 

Delink yourself from the outside world and relax in the quiet atmosphere of the ashram. Feel free to roam the rural countryside, stroll along the white sand beaches, or swim in the green waves of the Baltic sea. You could just hang in the garden under our magnificent beech tree, we have built a treehouse meditation platform. We also have a jacuzzi which is always popular with our guests!

When the weather is warm we practice yoga from the heart on a nearby beach. Once a week we take an excursion to a historic place such as the Ales Stones, the Swedish Stonehenge, and local castles or churches. We might also practice yoga among the ancient stones.

The surrounding countryside is picture-postcard Sweden. There are many small picturesque villages and a mixture of rural farm land, woodland, and lakes. The beautiful coastline of the Swedish Riviera is only a bike ride away.

Laughing Couple | Classical Tantra Yoga
Yoga Mats | Yogi Living

How To Find Us

yogi living collective

Located in Skåne, South Sweden close to the vibrant city of Malmö Yogi Living Ashram can be reached from anywhere in Europe in about 2 hours flying or less.

The closest international airports are Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup  (75 km) and Malmö airport, Sturup (30 km) with good rail connections to Malmö and on to Trelleborg, the closest town.

If you prefer slow travel then come through Germany and take the ferry from Rostock to Trelleborg. There are 3 sailings (6 hours duration) per day. Click here for ferry crossing times.

We can arrange pick up by car from Trelleborg, or Hyllie Train Station just outside Malmö.

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We’d love to hear from you.

I would love know your story and find ways we can collaborate.