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Classical Tantra Yoga has a wide range of practices that integrate physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines. With the help of an experienced guide it offers a profound and transformative path for personal and spiritual growth.

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Tantra yoga is a complex and system that offers a profound and transformative path for personal growth, spiritual development, and self-realization. By using Tantra yoga practices in your daily life, you create greater balance, harmony, and connection with yourself, others, and the world around you.

These are the Tantra yoga practices we teach at Yogi Living. The exact methods used for any class will depend on the depth of experience of those present.

1. cacao ceremony

A sacred ritual of drinking high grade spiced cacao, meditation, breathwork, and intention setting. Removes emotional blocks, releases stuck emotions, promotes heart opening and intuition.

2. chakra yoga

Chakra yoga aims to balance the flow of energy through the energy centers. Removes blockages, raises energy levels, brings greater self-awareness, and improved mental clarity and focus.

3. tantra meditation

A meditation for couples using eye contact and breathing with each other. A practice that deepens emotional connection, intimacy and trust, and deepens self-awareness.

4. venus kriyas

Venus Kriyas are short, potent Kundalini Yoga practices done with a partner. Brings balance and harmony to the two partners, and deep connection.

5. Dynamic Meditation

An active meditation with breath work, wild movements, and emotional release. Helps move stagnant energy and break conditioned patterns that keep one imprisoned in the past.

6. Kundalini meditation

An active meditation to awaken kundalini and balance the chakras. Transforms stagnant energy into bliss and joy, allows the body and mind to release tension, and creates a sense of calm.

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Venus Kriya | Tantra For Couples

7. tantric hug

Tantric hugs involve slowing down, being present, and exploring physical touch and breath awareness. These deep hugs create meaningful emotional connection between partners.

8. Sensual Touch

Learn techniques for sensual touch, melting embrace, trantric kissing and tantra massage (no nudity).

9. tantric communication

The key elements of tantric communication are mindfulness, non-judgemental active listening, emotional expression and sensory exploration.

10. tantra philosophy

Tantra philosophy uses a wide variety of practices and rituals. It is based on the principle of non-duality, working with life-force energy to reach spiritual freedom, and the sacred nature of all things.

11. tantric lovemaking

An introduction to tantric love making. We teach the theory of tantric love making as a meeting of souls without physical contact. Afterwards you can practice with your partner.

Tantra practices help balance and harmonize body and mind, creating improved physical and mental well-being. Tantra teachings also foster greater emotional intelligence. And most important for us at Yogi Living, these practices create deep loving connections and more meaningful relating.

tantra Yoga Benefits

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Here are just some of the benefits of tantra yoga practice:

  1. Deeper Intimacy: Tantra practice cultivates a deeper sense of intimacy and connection with your partner, and can increase your sense of pleasure and satisfaction in your relationships.
  2. Increased Self-Awareness: Tantra yoga practices help you develop greater self-awareness, and encourages you to explore your own desires, boundaries, and values.
  3. Spiritual Growth: Tantra yoga practices deepen your sense of the sacredness of life and connection to the world, as well as personal growth and transformation.
  4. Improved Communication: Tantra gives you the tools for better communication, and encourages you to express yourself more openly and honestly in relationships.

Tantra yoga works with the whole body and the whole person. Tantra practices work on all five different bodies (known as koshas): physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual. When we bring awareness to each, we stop living unconsciously and gain control over our desires and actions. Through Tantra yoga, it is said to be possible reach enlightenment within a single lifetime. Such is the transformative power of classical Tantra yoga practice.

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