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Emotional Healing: Breaking The Cycle Of Stress

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An emotional healing yoga therapy retreat can kick-start your life and give you a push to create the life you dream of!

It's Time To Smile Again

The stress of work and life can wreck your health. But it does not have to be like that! Learn the art of emotional healing and handle life’s challenges from a place of strength.

There are many reasons you might need emotional healing. We live in a society with constant pressure to perform well in every sphere of life. We need to look perfect, have a great career and ideal relationship. Add to that the fact that everything is displayed online. No surprise we feel exhausted and overloaded.

Work challenges are combined with emotional strain can easily make it feel like life is too difficult. We risk losing our inner radiance and smile. Beauty comes from within. You can take personal leadership over your mental health and find your beautiful energy and radiant smile back. 

Yoga therapy considers that you are only healthy when you feel surplus energy: life is good and you are smiling.

Break the endless cycle of stress

Stress can stay with you for a long time. Your body remembers. Every negative thought instals itself in your brain and into your body.

When we are stressed breathing becomes shallower and our fight or flight response is activated. Stress hormones surge in the body and block energy flow. You become prone to negative thoughts and so create more stress. The process goes on and on and it is difficult to break this negative loop.

Over time, stress can develop more serious health conditions like insomnia, anxiety and depression. You can take positive steps to create a more healthy, more vigorous life. A life free from stress and anxious or negative thoughts. A life with deeper values. Sorrow does not need to be an ever-present factor in your life.

Emotional healing gives you the choice to create beauty, expression, and passion in your life.

Take control of your mental health

One of the cornerstones of wellbeing is good mental health. It determines your ability to function in relationships at home and at work. An emotional healing weekend is designed to give you control over your mental and emotional health.

Good health is not merely the absence of disease, it includes freedom from your past, from stress, anxiety, loneliness and sorrow. To feel strong and balanced is to feel energy flowing through your body. Your smile is authentic and felt deep within you. Only then can you consider yourself truly healthy.

Healing yoga therapy given to students by teacher

Living in hard times affects our energy flow, it is more easily blocked during difficult periods. We can get stuck. If this happens over a long period of time the accumulated stress may develop to be a more serious condition. Consequently, it is very important for us to manage our stress levels.

Few are aware we can control our mental wellbeing by taking control of our energy flow. At Yogi Living Ashram we teach methods to mange mental and emotional health. By giving you control of your energy flow we help you reset your default state from one of stress to one of relaxation, harmony and self-love.

emotional Healing Releases stress

Yoga therapy brings together ancient yoga and modern neuroscience. Combining ancient yoga practices with new methods of activating the vagus nerve we integrate heart, mind and body. This is the essence of emotional healing.

The vagus nerve

The vagus nerve is a central part of the parasympathetic nervous system and is responsible for the relaxation response. This is exact opposite of and antidote the fight or flight response.

The vagus nerve begins in the brain and spreads throughout your body. It connects eyes, throat, and ears, wanders down into your lungs and heart and on to all the organs in your body. Stress over-activates your sympathetic nervous system (the one that makes you active). When this system is overactive you cannot rest even when you are sleeping.

Activating the vagus nerve sends impulses through your nervous system that tell your body to relax. Your heart rate and breathing slow down, blood pressure drops and inflammation is less. Recent research associates vagus nerve activation with increased feelings of happiness, compassion and may even be anti-aging.

Experience deep relaxation

An emotional healing weekend at Yogi Living Ashram is all about experiencing deep relaxation. Slow Yin Yoga poses are combined with vagus activation to support dropping deeply into yoga poses. We call this lazy yoga because we like to take long time doing it. You practice pranayamas (breath control techniques) to control your prana (life energy) and deep trance Yoga Nidra to release negative energy. This practice of activating the vagus nerve transforms stress and negative energy into calmness and positive vibrations. You may find yourself with serene smile that comes from deep within.

On a retreat, you learn practices you can take home and use every day to activate this relaxation response. What this means is: every day you enjoy deep relaxation and restore peace and harmony in your body.

You are free to be yourself

We all need to feel more freedom. An emotional healing retreat is for those seeking deep personal transformation. Those who want freedom to create a weekend getaway just as they want. We keep the schedule simple, which means only morning practice is planned and the rest of the day is free for group and individual activities. If the weather is nice, we practice on the beach, if the weather is not so nice we practice in the Yoga Shala.

The atmosphere at Yogi Living Ashram is relaxed and casual. Feel free to engage with others or retreat to the meditation platform. Those that like to socialize can use the jacuzzi and for the more adventurous there are white sand beaches a short drive away and miles of quiet wheat fields.

We provide breakfast and a light supper so you have all the day time to use as you wish.

Yoga Therapy Class | Yogi Living Ashram

Being part of a group is anti-depressant

Research indicates the feeling of “belonging” in a group is anti-depressant and improves mental wellbeing. An emotional healing weekend at Yogi Living Ashram is very beneficial for those who love group activities.

After morning yoga practice, there is time to explore South Sweden or to enjoy time in the retreat garden with newfound yogi friends. You could also venture out into the rural countryside of Sweden on your own, and discover some of the mediaeval churches. Alternatively, join an Ashram excursion (when we have one) to major geological sites of Skåne: Ales Stenerna (the Swedish Stonehenge), pristine white sand beaches and spectacular castles. We run excursions for the group, and collectively decide where to go for each one.

Bonus: make new friends

Making new friends can take years. However, sharing deep experiences together as a group can be remarkably bonding. It is very possible to get to know each other on a deep level even over just a few days. On one of our yoga weekends you can meet people from all over the world. The stories and experiences shared in the group broaden your personal horizon.

It is our experience that most people can make close and deep friendships during a weekend at Yogi Living Ashram. It is not just the group experience that brings people together: sharing personal transformation creates a special bond. Whether a particular retreat is life transformational depends to a great extent on if you follow up your retreat teachings and experience with continued regular practice in your daily life.


An emotional healing retreat is designed to guide you on your path to emotional freedom. Freedom from past stress and emotional blockages. This yoga retreat creates more balance in your life and your emotional responses. It helps you to be more focused at work. Our participants typically also see more stability in their relationships.

Yoga is the path of peace, harmony and self-healing. A short retreat will help you create that balance of heart and mind is within your reach. Simply shift your focus away from trying to control the outside world, to exploring your inner-world. Simply put, if you wish to take control of your health, an emotional release yoga therapy retreat at Yogi Living Ashram is a great choice!

We look forward to bringing out your smile!

Winnie Winnetu
dr. winnie bothe

Winnie has practiced yoga for more than 15 years and lead yoga teacher training retreats in India for 5 years. She is internationally certified in Kundalini, Hath and Yin Yoga and in Yoga Therapy.

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