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Tantra Retreat for Couples

tantric getaway for couples


TantrIC Mini retreat NEAR COPENHAGEN Airport

When your love life works life is beautiful. When it dosen’t it loses some of its magic!

In heart tantra for couples we focus on the heart connection and spiritual aspects of your relationship as opposed to the physical or intellectual dimensions. You will connect with your partner’s love energy and find deeper aspects of your relationship through classical tantric techniques, involving yoga, chakra meditation, breath work and intimacy for couples.

We base our therepy on the ancient sutras of classical Kashmiri Tantra. The aim of tantric heart therapy is to reach a higher state of consciousness together as a couple by learning to communicate from the heart without fear and by witnessing your relationship from the perspective of Tantric philosophy.

Bringing tantric intimacy into your partnership comes with benefits of inviting more connection, presence and passion into your love life. It means laying the foundation for a nurtured love that grows over time.

We teach a range of techniques for a lasting connection that goes beyond the initial chemistry of falling in love. The program is highly flexible and we tailor it to your individual desires and aims.

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Tantra for couples

Heart Tantra Therapy for couples

sharing intimacy connection and presence

Anyone who is open and curious about how Classical Tantra can improve their relationship can attend Love Tantra Therapy for couples, or perhaps you are looking for a deeper transformation as a couple.

Suggested daily practice

tantra yoga for couples


9 -10 Chakra Yoga: Raising your energy by focussing on the expanding your chakra energy (according to your level and wishes)

10 – 11 Venus Kriyas and Chakra meditation with synchronized breath and eye contact.


13 – 14 Introduction to tantra as a philosophy and as a choice of lifestyle: Love, connection, attachment and intimacy as meditation in the classical tantric sutras. 

14 – 15 Tantric communication: Learn how to communicate from the heart, free from attachment and fear of abandonment. 

Free time for jacuzzi and exploration of Skåne.


19 – 20 Tantric intimacy:  Learn technics for sensual touch, melting embrace, kiss and introduction to tantric love-making as a spiritual meeting of souls as opposed to a physical connection. 

Tantric energy connection: Introduction to working with tantric energies and massage (3 days or more). 

NB. The program is flexible and adjusted according to your wishes and length of stay. 


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Benefits of tantric heart therapy

Tantra heart therapy for couples


A genuine tantric heart connection can elevate your love life to the level of soul connection

Smiling Tantra Hug | The Path Of Love


Create real conditions to deepen your love relationship over time

Venus Kriyas | Tantra Yoga

Heart-centered COMMUNICATION

Learn how to communicate freely with love and positive energy.

Winnie Winnetu Yoga Teacher | Yogi Living Ashram

Winnie Winnetu

resident teacher at yogi living ashram

Quotation Marks

I learned tantra first-hand from Indian sadhakas who still practise tantra in the centuries old original form.

To me, tantra yoga is about personal transformation and heart-centered living. In my classes, I use a blend of ancient tantric yoga styles for opening the chakra energy to balance heart and mind. 

Tantra is a scientific guide to living in an awakened state. It is a process of raising awareness to a level beyond dualism (mental and spiritual experienced as separate and disconnected) where life is lived through the heart and guided by intuition. Love is seen flowing through and between everything. 

In tantra we work with the energy body and focus on the energy flow in chakras, nadis and bindus. To many this experience is a life changer.

Feelings can arise when practicing therapeutic tantra techniques, and it is important to embrace them and walk through them together to come out stronger on the other end.

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Winnie Winnetu is a certified teacher of Hatha, Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy and has been teaching yoga teacher training courses since 2015.

Head over to the blog to read more about Winnie Winnetu and her yoga journey.

Invite love into your life

tantra heart Therapy for Couples

Yogi Living Ashram - close to Copenhagen Airport

When you chose Tantric Heart Therapy, you will stay in the romantic setting of our oasis-like guesthouse with tantric artwork on the walls, a balcony overlooking the fields and a terrace with a hot-tub. Our center is located in a beautiful little village called Klagstorp, surrounded by colorful fields and riveting nature. The white beaches of Skånes Riviera are only 5 km away.

Workshops and yoga classes are held in a private yoga room equipped with yoga mats, blocks, blankets and bolsters. You will be served 3 delicate vegetarian/vegan meals daily, detox smoothies, coffee and tea ad libitum. You will have free access to parking, the garden, meditation platform, tea house, and Hottop with jets.

Let us know if you have a special diet or allergies and we will find a perfect menu for you.

We can easily be reached from all over Europe:  We are located 40 km from Copenhagen airport and 20 from Malmo airport. We provide pickup service from Hylie (Malmö) only 10 minutes by train from Copenhagen airport (charge 200 sek). 

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Price TANTRA HEART RETREAT for couples (per couple)

Includes accommodation, vegetarian food, yoga practice & hottop
nb: 30 percent off on normal week days.

Master bedroom at yogi living with yogi artwork

3 hours

Tantric Couples Therapy. Tantric  communication,
Tantra Yoga for couples


Bed & Breakfast with Jacuzzi in Skaane in Sweden

2,5 days

Tantric communication & Venus kriyas, tantric touch, intimacy & massage techniques 



Tantric communication, Venus kriyas, ancient tantric rites and massage techniques


five reasons to join us

the benefits of tantra Heart Therapy

  1. We help you to set your relationship goals in an online chat prior to your retreat and evaluated after.
  2. Tantric love practice helps you to connect without fears with mental freedom and more openness to both give and receive love.
  3. Love Tantra deepens your relationship and by opening the gateway of your hearts invite more love into your life
  4. Experience how tantric philosophy can be a guide to heart-centered communication, emotional freedom and spiritual connection.
  5. Create a heart centered relationship that last a lifetime.

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Winnie Winnetu Yoga Class | Yogi Living Ashram

Impressions of Yogi Living Ashram

Moonlight over green meadows,
Summerlight over fields of corn,
Scent of flowers from garden meads,
And in the forest singing of birds

From A Song for Skåne by Nils Hansson