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Self-Healing Yoga Retreat


Self-Healing Yoga Retreat with Emotional release

When your love life works life is easy. When it does not it looses a bit of its Magic!

Do you have unresolved emotions from past relationships? When you are stuck in negative experiences of the past it can be hard to move on and find new love. 

This retreat is the place for your self-healing and for finding the freedom to be the authentic and beautiful person that you are. Using our 3-step method, we help you release stuck emotions from past relationships so that you become free to create the kind of love life that you want: one based on trust, open communication, and respect for each other’s feelings.

You will learn yoga techniques that empower you to be your authentic and radiant self. We alternate between dynamic meditations, an energizing form of yoga to restore your energy flow, and mindful slow yoga to bring your heart, mind, and body into balance. 

You can decide when you want to be peaceful, happy, or radiant: Welcome to your new life! 

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Self-Healing Yoga Retreat

The Swedish Ashram

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Anyone open to deep physical and emotional change through yoga can join this retreat.

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Foundational practices to support your process, including: tapping, pranayama (breath control), meditation and sun salutation.  


Dynamic meditation and emotional release sessions, ending with Yoga Nidra for positive energy. 


Candle light discussion on topics on love, communication, self confidence and attraction. Free time for socialization and deep conversations or hottub.

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BENEFITS OF a Self-healing yoga retreat 

Heart Centered Yoga | Yogi Living Ashram


Yoga for perfect health and living free of stress and conditioning.


Increases your ability to love yourself and others.

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Yoga for youthfulness,  radiance and self confidence.

Winnie Winnetu Yoga Teacher | Yogi Living Ashram

Winnie Winnetu

resident teacher at yogi living ashram

Winnie Winnetu is a certified teacher of Hatha, Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy, and a certified Trauma Coach. She has taught yoga for 10 years and yoga teacher training courses in India for 5 years .

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Yoga therapy is where the ancient yoga teachings meet modern science

When I learned the art of releasing negative attachments and emotions, I experienced the power of being free. Instead of being stuck in self-hurt, stories, and regrets, I became my authentic self. I was free to enter into a new relationship that was good for me. Maybe for you, that is an affectionate person, someone who respects you and is a good communicator. It is not a dream. There is a world of people out there wishing to meet you.

According to yoga philosophy, stress and negative thoughts is the root cause of disease. It may even change your DNA. Yoga therapy empowers you to take personal leadership over your health and your ability to smile. 


I teach ancient yoga methods verified by modern neuroscience research. Practiced daily techniques will improve your well-being, and increase self-love and your level of happiness in life. 

I warmly welcome you to join us.

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Yoga therapy is a self-empowering process that adresses all the levels of the body: The physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual dimensions of your body and your personality. In yoga therapy you are only healthy when you are well functionining and smile in your everyday life.

In my yoga therapy classes, I release stuck emotions at the physical, mental, and emotional level. Every negative thought and experience creates stress in your body. Stress is stored in your muscles, your endocrine system, and your energy body. It is present in your mind, your emotions, and your words. It, therefore, needs to be released at each of these levels.

According to yoga, dis-ease usually starts in the mind and if left unchecked, manifests as imbalance in the emotional and physical body. Good health is not merely the absence of sickness, but is indicated by: strong digestion, a strong immune system, radiant skin, deep restful sleep with steady energy levels throughout the day, together with an even temperament and feeling joyful.

Yoga therapy helps you to be as you are. When you are in a state of relaxation you can fully be your authentic self.  In this state you are completely relaxed, living without pressure, fear or expectations. You experience surplus energy, strong immunity and positivity in your life.

Head over to the blog to read more about Winnie Winnetu and her yoga journey.

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Self-healing yoga retreat

The Ashram

Yogi Living Ashram is a healing place to be with yogi artwork on the walls and in the middle of fields in a beautiful garden. Here you can be your authentic self and be seen for who you are.

Our beautiful retreat center is located in a charming little village called Klagstorp, surrounded by colourful fields and riveting nature. The white beaches of Skånes Riviera are only 5 km away.

You can chose accommodation according to your budget – we offer rooms, tents and caravans.  You will be served 3 delicate vegan meals daily, detox smoothies, coffee and tea ad libitum. You will have free access to parking, the garden, meditation platform, tea house, and Hot-top with jets (upon request).

Whenever possible, we practice on the beach or in nature or at sacred sites. During free time there are treks along the Swedish coastline, and visits to sites of historical interest. 

The center is located close to Malmo and Copenhagen International Airport with budget flights from all European capitals. 

I warmly welcome you to join us

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Self-healing Yoga retreat


full retreat fee

Accommodation and meals included

10 reasons to join A self healing yoga retreat

Where science meets ancient yoga practices

  1. Experience deep stress release, bliss and peace.
  2. Allow yourself to take time to reflect or to just be.
  3. Learn breathwork techniques for everyday vitality.
  4. Loose yourself in a deep yoga nidra trance.
  5. The abundance of lakes, castles and ancient viking sites that you can visit..
  6. Learn to live life fully with more consciousness, joy and love.
  7. Open the gateway of your heart and invite more love into your life.
  8. Practice yoga validated by recent neuro science.
  9. Our aided meditation practice.
  10. Deeply connect with the roots of ancient yoga traditions.

Impressions of Yogi Living Ashram

Moonlight over green meadows,
Summerlight over fields of corn,
Scent of flowers from garden meads,
And in the forest singing of birds

From A Song for Skåne by Nils Hansson

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