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When your love life works life is beautiful. If not life looses a bit of its Magic!

Do you feel experiences from past relationships make it hard for you to move on and find a deep relationship based on love, respect, and trust? 

Sometimes when a relationship breaks it is easy to lose your life energy and the belief that you are worthy of being loved. It makes it harder to move forward and find the love within you that opens up for future relationships.

When I learned the art of releasing negative attachments and emotions, I experienced the power of being free. Instead of being stuck in self-hurt, stories, and regrets, I became my authentic self. I was free to enter into a new relationship that was good for me. Maybe for you, that is an affectionate person, someone who respects you and is a good communicator. It is not a dream. There is a world of people out there wishing to meet you.

If you seek to find authentic love by returning to your loving self, check my 3-step approach below. 

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Step 1: Emotional release

In emotional release therapy, you release stuck emotions, conscious or subconscious that pull you down. 

Step 2: Visualizing your authentic self

We identify all the positive elements that make your authentic self and you will be guided through a meditation to release stuck emotions and become your authentic self. 

Step 3: Visualizing your future relationship

You will visualize your future relationship and make strategies for how to invite love into your life while staying true to yourself. 

Benefits of online self-healing

Tantra heart therapy for couples


Live freely as your authentic self!



Find deep connection with yourself and others

venus kriyas tantra yoga shown by laughing and happy couple

Stable relationships

Be in balance with yourself and your relationships 

Winnie Winnetu Yoga Teacher | Yogi Living Ashram

Winnie Winnetu

resident teacher at yogi living ashram

Quotation Marks

Yoga therapy is where ancient yoga teachings meet modern psychology

For me, therapy sessions for emotional release are the most powerful experiences in my life as a yoga therapist, because for many, these sessions are life-changing.

In my therapies I use my background as a trained yoga therapist, my knowledge of yoga philosophy, techniques from psychology, and healing techniques taught to me in India.

Yoga therapy is a self-empowering process that not only addresses the illness in a multi-dimensional manner, but also aims to alleviate suffering in a progressive, non-invasive and complementary manner. Yoga therapy can not only be preventative or curative, but also serve as a means to facilitate healing in the person at all levels.

I help clients with stuck emotional experiences. The only requirement is that you are open to alternative therapy for emotional release and that you genuinely want to improve your love life. If you are interested, give me a call and we will discuss your particular situation and issues.

Head over to the blog to read more about Winnie Winnetu and her yoga journey.

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Winnie Winnetu is a certified teacher of Hatha, Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy and has been teaching yoga teacher training courses since 2015.

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