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Classical Tantra Yoga

Classical Tantra yoga for heart-centered living

Learn classical tantra yoga techniques for heart centered living! 

Change your life with classical tantra yoga and begin your awakening journey towards living life fully while meeting the world with an open heart. Energy shapes our lives in ways we often don’t realize. With Classical Tantra, you can become a high vibrational energy person and increase love, happiness, and positivity in your life. 

We focus on heart-centered living in the present moment, mental freedom and openness to freely give and receive love. Tantra Heart Yoga gives you experience of the Tantric path, a journey guided by the heart and intuition.

We believe the fundamental component of Tantra is not physical but the quintessential unifying force: love. Tantric heart yoga fills the room with a feeling of sunshine. It cannot be explained or rationalized, it is a flow of love energy that has to be experienced.

To many this experience is a life changer. 

Yogi Living

Tantra Heart Yoga

The Swedish Ashram

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An experiential dive into Classical Tantra Yoga.
A Classical Tantra Heart Yoga Retreat is a deep journey guided by the heart and intuition.

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Classical tantra heart yoga Retreat


Foundational practices to support your process, including: pranayama (breath control), energy work, meditation and sun salutation.


Tantric Heart Yoga core practices include dynamic meditations, venus kriyas, butterfly walks, body breath work, and tantric hugging and meditation. Free time for walking in nature, on the beach, or meditation at the top of our tree platform.


Round table discussion, including how to become a high frequency energy person: heart-centered communication, love and attachment, relationships, and tantra philosophy.
Free time for meditation, laughter, and deep conversations or hot tub.


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Benefits of heart tantra retreat


Yoga for perfect health and living free of stress and conditioning.


Control your energy and connect to the world with an open heart.


Remove negative past experiences and open to love and intimacy.

Winnie Winnetu Yoga Teacher | Yogi Living Ashram

Winnie Winnetu

resident teacher at yogi living ashram

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I learned tantra first-hand from Indian sadhakas who still practise tantra in the centuries old original form

To me, tantra yoga is about personal transformation and heart-centered living. In my classes, I use a blend of ancient tantric yoga styles for opening the chakra energy to balance the heart and mind. 

Classical Tantra Yoga Works with the energy connection between people. It works with energies that connect us at the deepest level within ourselves and to the world around us. This connection flows from the heart. When we truly connect with ourselves we meet the world from a place of beauty, creativity, and love. 

At Yogi Living, we follow the original teachings of classical Tantra from Kashmir (non-dualistic). We work with the energy body and focus on activating the energy flow to facilitate Kundalini awakening.  You will learn the tantric principles of how to become a high-vibrational person based on the principles of Tantra: loving without fear and attachment, and heart-centered communication.

Tantra is a scientific guide to living in an awakened state. The practice of tantra cultivates the deepest love not just for the people you care about, but for everyone you meet and ultimately the entire Universe.

Tantra is an ancient science originating from India and thousands of years old. To find its original meaning we need to go back to its roots.

The mythology of tantra states the Universe was born of the love between Lord Shiva and his lover Shakti. They are a representation of the apparent (masculine/feminine) duality that creates and sustains the Universe. In reality, they are different aspects of a singular being and eternally bound to each other.

One of the most famous texts of tantra is the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. Written as a conversation between Shiva and Shakti the text concerns practices for attaining samadhi, the ultimate state of bliss. There are 112 practices or sutras said to be doorways to bhairav (samadhi). Of these, 84 are kriyas and entirely non-physical. Only 3 concern sexual union.

The manifold practices of tantra concern relationships: to self (self-love and inner peace) and our connection to others. So, despite the common misconception of tantra as a teaching revolving around sex, its essential component is non-physical and non-sexual. 

Tantra is not a spiritual Kama Sutra but is born of the quintessential unifying force: love.

Head over to our blog to read more about Winnie Winnetu and her yoga journey.

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Winnie Winnetu is a certified teacher of Hatha, Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy and has been teaching yoga teacher training courses since 2015.

Invite love into your life

Classical tantra yoga retreat

The Ashram

Yogi Living Ashram is a relaxed and casual retreat centre. Here you can be your authentic self and be seen for who you truly are, making it the perfect place to connect with yourself with our tantric heart yoga retreat.  

Our picturesque retreat centre is located in a beautiful little village called Klagstorp, surrounded by colourful fields and riveting nature. The white beaches of Skånes Riviera are only 5 km away.

You can choose accommodation according to your budget – we have rooms, tents, and caravans available. There is free access to parking onsite , a beautiful garden with a tree top meditation platform, a tea house, and Hot tub.

Whilst we are in the countryside we are easy to get to, only 15 km from Malmo airport and 40 km from Copenhagen airport, from Malmo airport and Trelleborg train station we offer a pick up and drop off service for a small fee, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

we look forward to welcoming you to our retreat

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Tantra Heart Yoga


One week residential yoga retreat

Accommodation and meals included

Benefits of heart tantra retreat

10 reasons to join us

the benefits of tantra Heart Therapy

  1. Classical tantra yoga practice helps develop compassion and empathy, mental freedom and more openness to both give and receive love.

  2.  Deepen your relationship and by opening the gateway of your hearts invite more love into your life.

  3. Experience how tantric philosophy can be a guide to heart-centered communication, emotional freedom and spiritual connection.

  4.  Learn powerful chakra meditations for deep self-awareness, clarity of thought and inner calm.

  5. Safely raising Kundalini energy expands your heart. You will be less controlled by fear and discover deeper insights into love.

  6.  Learn how to live with more consciousness, joy and love.

  7. Deepen existing relationships and by opening the gateway of your heart invite more love into your life.

  8. Explore Skåne’s riviera, silent lakes, castles and ancient viking sites.

  9. Deeply connect with the roots of the tantric yoga tradition.

  10. Create a heart centered relationship that last a lifetime.

Impressions of Yogi Living Ashram

Moonlight over green meadows,
Summerlight over fields of corn,
Scent of flowers from garden meads,
And in the forest singing of birds

From A Song for Skåne by Nils Hansson

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