Classical Tantra Retreat

Goa Heart Tantra

November 2024

Yogi Living Ashram

goa tantra retreat

A journey guided by the heart and intuition.
The Tantra Heart Yoga Goa retreat is a gateway to loving without fear, fulfilling relationships and joyful living. 


Yoga in the Land of Dreams

10 day yoga retreat

Learn ancient practices to freely give and receive love! 

Tantra Heart Yoga Goa is a retreat that opens the door to heart-centered relationships, deepening intimacy and fearless living. Ten days diving deep within, exploring the heart and connecting with others.

Not just another yoga retreat but a time of transformation. This retreat can change your life.

Learn classical tantra yoga practices to develop compassion and empathy, mental freedom and more openness to both give and receive love. Secret Tibetan rites that create strong emotional stability and independence from the expectations and moods of others. Powerful chakra meditations for deep self-awareness, clarity of thought and inner calm.

Explore Indian culture, visit temples, celebrate Holi (the Indian festival of love and colors) and deeply connect with the roots of the tantric yoga tradition.

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The Land of Dreams

Classical Tantra Practices

tantra heart yoga goa

The teachings of Tantra Heart Yoga are based on classical tantra and help you create the life and relationships you intuitively know are possible. It works with the energy that flows from the heart and connects us all at the deepest level.

In a relationship, the other person is often seen through the mirror of past experiences. To find the true love you seek, you must let go of stuck emotions and energies that prevent you from living in the present moment.

At the Tantra Heart Yoga Goa retreat you will learn techniques to increase depth, trust and presence in your relationships. As a result, long-term relationships in which intimacy, love and passion thrive become not only possible for you, but completely normal.

We do not practice nudity or sex at this retreat. The teachings are based on classical tantra, with an emphasis on soul connection, self-love and raising consciousness. As such, the retreat is suitable for both couples and individuals.

Tantra Heart Yoga Goa | Morning Yoga Practice


Foundational Tantra practices to support your process, including pranayama (breath control), energy work, chakra meditations, and sun salutation. We also teach secret Tibetan Kundalini Rites to help empower you and balance your chakras thereby strengthening your immunity, willpower and capacity to love.


You will learn the core practices of tantric heart yoga, including dynamic kundalini meditations, Venus kriyas, breath work and tantric hugs.
These techniques help you expand your heart and develop a sense of connection with yourself and others.

Tantra Heart Yoga Goa | Young Couple
Tantra Heart Yoga Goa | Discussing Tantra Philosophy


We practice dynamic meditations for emotional release, meditate together on the beach or hold discussion groups on tantric philosophy. Reflecting on tantric wisdom, non-duality and heart-centered communication brings emotional stability. This allows us to build relationships guided by the heart and not by fear and attachment.

To see the complete 10-day retreat schedule click the button below.

Retreat Schedule

tantra heart yoga goa





Tue Participants Arrival & Tantric Welcome Hug Participants Arrival & Tantric Welcome Hug Group Welcome & Supper
Yoga Nidra
Wed Tantric Yoga
Tibetan Kundalini Rites
Dynamic Kundalini Meditation
Tantric Meditation
Tantric Hug
Venus Love Kriyas
Round Table: Tantra Philosophy
Thu Tantric Yoga
Tibetan Kundalini Rites
Dynamic Kundalini Meditation
Tantric Meditation
Tantric Hug
Venus Love Kriyas
Tantra Meditation (on the beach)
Fri Tantric Yoga
Tibetan Kundalini Rites
Dynamic Kundalini Meditation
Tantric Meditation
Tantric Hug
Venus Love Kriyas
Round Table: Using Tantra Principles
Sat Tantric Yoga
Tibetan Kundalini Rites
Dynamic Kundalini Meditation
Breath Work Chakra Meditation Holi: The Indian Festival Of Love & Colors
Sun Tantric Yoga
Tibetan Kundalini Rites
Dynamic Kundalini Meditation
Excursion To Ancient Temple & Waterfall Trek Excursion To Ancient Temple & Waterfall Trek
Mon Tantric Yoga
Tibetan Kundalini Rites
Om Chanting
The Spirituality Of Tantric Lovemaking Round Table: Using Tantra Principles In Practice
Tue Personal Practice Tantric Sexual Connection Tantra Meditation (on the beach)
Wed Personal Practice Tantric Massage Demonstration (voluntary participation) Tantra Meditation (on the beach)
Thu Personal Practice Dolphin Excursion Dolphin Excursion
Fri Tantric Yoga
Tibetan Kundalini Rites
Group Hug

Check Out Of Rooms
Hangout At The Beach Retreat Ends


experiences at the ashram

Who the retreat is for

10 day Classical tantra Heart yoga retreat

We teach the path of love using practical methods that help you step out of unhealthy cycles of stress, imbalance and exhaustion and become the person you were meant to be!

Imagine a different way of being, a new way of meeting people and the world around you; meeting from the heart, from a place of love.

This retreat is designed for:

  • Adult singles who want to experience a deeply spiritual relationship with themselves or with another person. Living a life built around intuitive understanding, emotional depth and free flowing communication.
  • Couples who can imagine a relationship in which the experience of love, intimacy and connection is an ever-deepening process. Couples that want to truly open their hearts to each other.
  • Anyone interested in diving deep into classical tantra in a perfect setting. You will learn methods based on the teachings of the Bhairava Tantra, as well as yoga for awakening Kundalini energy.

No prior experience with tantra or yoga is needed. Simply bring your openness to learn the ancient practices and change your life. Teaching is adapted to participants according to their experience. 

Heart Centered Tantra Yoga

Winnie Winnetu

resident teacher at yogi living ashram

Quotation Marks

I learned tantra first-hand from Indian sadhakas who still practise tantra in the centuries old original form

I teach classical tantra, which is an ancient science that originates in India and is thousands of years old.

Tantra Heart Yoga is a process that raises consciousness to a level beyond dualism (the mental and spiritual experienced as separate and disconnected), where life is lived through the heart and guided by intuition. Love is experienced as flowing through and between everything.

Tantra practice cultivates the deepest love not only for the people you care about, but for everyone you meet, and ultimately for the entire universe.

The Mythology of Tantra

The Tantra tradition speaks of the universe having arisen from the love between Lord Shiva and his beloved Shakti. They a representation of the apparent (male/female) duality that creates and sustains the universe. In reality, they different aspects of a single being and eternally bound to each other.

One of the most famous Tantra texts is the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. Written as a conversation between Shiva and Shakti, the text deals with practices for attaining samadhi, the highest state of bliss. There are 112 practices or sutras that are said to be the gateways to Bhairav (Samadhi). Of these, 84 are kriyas and are completely non-physical. Only 3 concern sexual union.

The manifold practices of Tantra are about relationships: with oneself (self-love and inner peace) and our connection with others. So, contrary to the common misconception that Tantra is a teaching that is primarily concerned with sex, its essential component is non-physical and non-sexual.

Tantra is not a spiritual Kamasutra, but springs from the quintessential unifying force: love.

Head over to our blog to read more about Winnie Winnetu and her yoga journey.

Yoga Alliance International

Winnie Winnetu is a certified teacher of Hatha, Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy and has been teaching yoga teacher training courses since 2015.

Celebrate Holi Festival of Colours

Classical tantra retreat in goa


all inclusive price

The Indian ashram is situated in a paradise-like garden on the sands of a pristine and unspoiled beach in the corner of South Goa. Here you dive into in the warm green waves, meditate with your toes in the warm sand under a palm tree and enjoy a sunset drink in the restaurant featuring a view of the Arabic Sea. 

The beach cabins are clean and comfortable, simply decorated with a white interior and colourful Indian textiles. En suite bathrooms have western-style toilets, hot water shower and a hand basin. Bedrooms are twin or double with a ceiling fan, shelves, dressing table and wardrobe. Beds are fitted with a cotton mosquito net.

A limited number of cabins have air-conditioning. Ask for details when booking.

Beach View Cabin

Beach Front Cabin

Glass fronted spacious cabins directly facing the Arabian sea with uninterrupted views of Talpona Beach. 



Talpona Cabin Bedroom

Sea View Cabin

Glass fronted, spacious cabins with a sea view from the balcony. Slightly smaller and set back from the beach.



Standard Cabin

Standard Cabin

Spacious and full of light, these cabins are set in the retreat gardens and have a balcony with views of the beach.



Live in Huts Right on the Beach

10 reasons to join us

the benefits of a tantra retreat

  1. Explore Indian culture, visit temples, celebrate holi (the festival of love and colors) and deeply connect with the roots of the tantric yoga tradition.

  2. Discover the little-known ancient practices of dynamic mediation  and Tibetan rites that create strong emotional stability and independence from the expectations and moods of others.

  3. Understand how tantric philosophy can be a guide to heart-centered communication, emotional freedom and spiritual connection.

  4. Learn powerful chakra meditations for deep self-awareness, clarity of thought and inner calm.

  5. Safely raising Kundalini energy expands your heart. You will be less controlled by fear and discover deeper insights into love.

  6. Learn how to live with more creativity, joy and intuitive wisdom.

  7. Engage in deep roundtable discussions about tantric philosophy and how you can apply this knowlede in your own life.

  8. Classical tantra yoga practice helps develop compassion and empathy, mental freedom and more openness to both give and receive love.

  9. Learning in India, the home of yoga, adds a totally new dimension to your yoga practice.

  10. Make new heart centered friendships that last a lifetime.

Questions & Answers

tantra heart yoga goa


What level of sexuality is practiced?

We do not practice nudity during the Tantra Heart Yoga Goa retreat, this is a non-sexual form of tantra centered around the practice of Classical Tantra yoga, chakra meditations and heart connection. Couples practice with each other unless they consent otherwise.


What is the location like?

The Tantra Heart Yoga Goa retreat is situated on Talpona Beach in Goa and is barely touched by tourism. The sea is clear and clean. The beach is cleaned twice daily by village women and is uncrowded. Click to view on Google Maps. The peace and beauty of the retreat location supports diving deep within and the outward expression of joy and love. 


What is the food like?

Vegetarian meals are served in the sea view restaurant, where you can sit with your feet in the sand and watch the endless rhythms of the green Arabian Sea. Vegan food is available. If you have any allergies let us know on your application.


What should I bring?

The average temperature during the day is 32°C and 21°C at night. Bring good sun cream (hard to find in Goa) and bathing clothes. There is no ATM at Talpona Beach so bring enough cash to cover your immediate needs. The nearest ATM is 15 min away by taxi/tuk-tuk.


Travel Advice

Take out fully comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover delays, accident and illness. There is no malaria or dengue in Goa but for your own safety please check the medical advice.
An Indian Tourist Visa can be obtained in 72 hours, but to save worry it is best to apply one week before leaving. You can apply online here.


Getting from the airport

The closest airport is Goa International Airport (GOI) and is 70km from Talpona Beach.
At the airport for your personal safety and to not be overcharged pay and get a ticket for a taxi at the official taxi box. Do this before leaving the airport terminal. The price should be less than 3000 Rp (under 40 euros).


Getting around

A European driving license is valid in Goa though you might be asked for an international driving license. Local scooter hire, tuk-tuk and taxi services are also available.


What facilities are available?

Cabins are simple but attractive, made of local materials restored yearly after the monsoon. Each cabin is equipped with a balcony, European toilet, and tiled shower. Food is not allowed in the cabins for hygiene reasons. There is free WiFi, a laundry service (at extra cost) and a beachside bar/lounge and restaurant.


Health & Hygiene

The food and water in the Ashram are safe. However, it is a good idea to avoid uncooked food and fresh fruit juices (fresh coconuts are plentiful, but take your own straw).

Make it happen!

If you have further questions you are welcome to message us here.

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